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DOC WALTZ: Guestbook


September 9, 2008

Hi there, Doc Waltz. A mutual friend told me about your music and this site, so thought I'd check it out. Very nice place to visit. I like the pictures of your concert at APU. I know exactly where that courtyard is. I like your style very much. BTW, you look too young to be a Vietnam vet, but I can kinda tell that's you in the black and white photo. Your roots in the songwriter days are quite evident. I think Country Waltz is my favorite, but Homewood Days is a close second. Everyday Girl is also nice. The mandolin playing is very sweet. You have a soft and honest quality to your voice that isn't phony or forced. I wish you the best. I'll check in again, as I understand some updates are coming soon. A new fan, Alexis

September 9, 2008

Hello. My grandparent's home was my favorite place when I was a child. Life was slower and simpler there. The house always smelled like cookies. Your lyric "I could be me" resonates deeply with me. Thanks for writing it. I have the feeling
there's a lot of people out there that can relate to this song.


September 6, 2008

Howdy Doc: I wanted to leave a little note to say I just love This Old Country Waltz. It belongs on the Grand Ole Opry, and played live at a barn dance, and on the radio, and on my iPod... Dana

John Funk

August 26, 2008

I just listened to This Old Country Waltz. I must say that I liked it very much, you are very talented Mr. Waltz.

The song is one you can easily listen to numerous times while reclining in the hammock with a tall glass of lemonade by your side. Nice work, and worth all the effort you put into it.

Vaya con Dios

John Funk

Rod De boer

August 25, 2008

Blessings as you pursue this passion. I hope you find great joy in the process and
can use that as the barometer if this is a "successful" venture!

Rod De boer

August 25, 2008

Blessings as you pursue this passion. I hope you find great joy in the process and can use that as the baramator if this is a "successful" venture!

Trevor Lloyd

August 24, 2008

Hey Doc,

The tunes sound great so far! Looking forward to hearing the whole thing finished.
Its been great working with you and looking forward to another oppurtunity...

Take Care,

Evelina Solis

August 24, 2008

Hey Doc,
It is so great to see you taking a risk that you really enjoy. Thanks for sharing your talent with us! It has been a pleasure being in your on-line OB class for the CAPS program!


August 23, 2008

Hi Doc, I have been listening to your songs on your Myspace because they're in a rotation, so I get a mini CD that way. You have such a warm and down home style. Kind of a Prairre Home Companion. Makes me remember so many good times of days now past. I'm one of many waiting for the CD. Stacy

Wayne Jameson

August 23, 2008

Hey Robert...I mean Doc. I like the songs a lot, especially Kick Up Some Dust. Cool stuff. Let me know when your gigging somewhere. Would love to bring my wife to meet you. Take care, buddy. Wayne

Brian Stevens

August 23, 2008

Howdy back, Doc. I've been getting your updates, but it's been a crazy summer, so this is the first time to check the site. It's looking really good, and the songs are great. Gotta get together for lunch some time soon, OK? Let's meet half way....Brian


August 23, 2008

Well, I don't how many times I've left a comment here, but here I go again. I am just so happy for you, and to be a small part of this journey. The songs are so beautiful. Everyday Girl gave me goosebumps. I can't stop listening to This Old Country Waltz, and Kick Up Some Dust is just a whole lot of fun. Homewood Days is a very sweet tune, and I really like the harmonies. Wow, Doc...keep them coming. I've been a fan from day one, and just love your style and talent. Jamie


August 23, 2008

Thanks for nice message, Doc. I really love the final version of Country Waltz. You should be really proud. The songs are really coming together, and I finally think I see the concept of the album. Still waiting for a live show, though!! Shannon


August 23, 2008

Thanks for all the updates, Doc. I check in a lot, so it's been fun to hear the progression of the songs. I like the mando on these new versions. Glad you're keeping it simple, and not doing that Nashville thing. I've always preferred the L.A. scene, and you're keeping it real. Best wishes to you, Doc....Jon


August 22, 2008

Well I finally decided to check out what was going on over there at docwaltz. Man, I don't know how to spell renaissance, but if I could, you're the man! I had no idea you were that talented. I like em all. Everyday Girl and Country Waltz are really nice. Kick up some dust rocks. Ok, so before this gets too wierd, see you at the gym....I mean....take it easy...stay cool.

Erica Kennedy

August 15, 2008

Hi Doc. I like your website. It's very warm, and easy to navigate. I really like the sweetness of This Old Country Waltz. It's my favorite of your songs. I like the solo version you do live, but the band version you have here really makes it into a very nice ballad. I'm anxiously waiting for the CD.


August 15, 2008


Man I like your music it is so full of heart, passion, and deep rooted memories. I am feeling it. Rock on Soldier God bless. Jeff


August 12, 2008

Got just one word for ya, Pard.........STELLA!!!!!!!!!!


August 6, 2008

Hey Doc Waltz,
I recently visited your site and will again. Always enjoy what I both hear and see.
Keep up the good work. Your friend....Jack

Darin Johnson

August 1, 2008

Doc! I got the email message that some songs were completed, and just checked them out. Awesome is the word that comes to mind. You and I have talked about October 69 (that's how I remember it) being added to the album, and I remember how nervous you got about that. Please let it go, Doc. It is a powerfully poignant song.....a message of dispair, but a prayer for peace, and it has been delivered beautifully. What you did with it is not even close to what I expected, but man did you nail it. Having someone else open the first verse was a great idea, because it brings more reality to the backdrop of the story. I assume that's Kyle, the kid you told me about. Very nice voice.
The song really builds, and the ending is just magnificent. House of Blues after the album's released, dude..One last comment.....I WANT KICK UP SOME DUST FINISHED!!! Peace Out.....Darin J

Bill Thomas

July 31, 2008

Hey there, Doc. Thanks for sending me the update. I am totally blown away by the impact of Remuneration. Since I now know that it is followed by Mulberry Tree, these 2 songs leave me wanting for the whole story. Wow! So powerful....and then Bullets! Are you kidding me?? Why you didn't stick with it in the 70's is beyond me, but you're doin' it now, and I'm diggin' it. Can't wait for the release and a live show. Peace.

Your pal, and a big fan, Billy T.

Sherry Harris

July 30, 2008

Hi Doc, Wow, I love your music and all it has to say - a full life with all the gut wrenching pain and all the love any man can muster. A God fearing man, a hero, a friend! I really love your music Doc, the process and the excellent outcomes. Love, Sher

Alyson Cromwell

July 30, 2008

Thanks, Doc for having these songs put up on your website. I honestly feel that you are going to capture what it was like back then, and what it is like to be a Boomer today. Listening to The Mulberry Tree after War Song touched me very deeply, especially knowing that these songs will be placed back to back in the story. I lost 2 high school friends in Viet Nam, and a nephew in Iraq. Your music needs to be heard by everyone. Thank you....Alyson


July 30, 2008

I loved them. They sound great! I can’t wait for the CD to come out.

I still like your “Everyday Girl” too. It shows so much love for Donna.

Keep up the good work.

Love ya,



July 3, 2008

Hi Doc......I just love Pax Dei. It is very sweet and soothing, and takes me back to quieter times. I can't wait for the album!!

Lucy Pendray

April 21, 2008

WOW!! I'm surprised and impressed. I can't wait to see a live debut. Sign me up as your #1 fan! I'm a country girl and love your hits! YIPPEE-KYE-YAA!!

Sons of the Pioneers Fan

April 14, 2008

What a great site! Awesome music Doc.

Alyson Cromwell

April 5, 2008

Hello there. I remember you from the early 80's. You played at a place called the Open Door in the Valley with 2 other guys. I remember a song about a shadow in the light and a gypsy. I really liked that song because I was going through some heavy stuff at the time, and the song made me cry. I found your myspace, so visited here. What a small world it's become. How have you been?? Your hair is shorter and your beard's gone, but it's you. I'm glad you're ok and still singing. I like your songs and the way you did Neil Young songs. Especially Birds. Wow..a professor..I'm impressed. That's where the Doc comes from, I guess. Well, keep on singing and playing, Doc Waltz. You're a real troubadour. A fan from the past...Alyson


April 3, 2008

Hey Doc,

I love it, especially now that I have your encouragement & permission to Kick Up Some Dust!!! I'm very excited that you are working on this album
and I have been blessed to be a small part of your listening audience.

Go Doc and Go Army!!!

: ) Sher


April 1, 2008

Thanks a million. I loved the songs, and loved seeing your pictures again. Can't wait for the CD to come out!

Love ya,

Judy Flowers

March 31, 2008

I am thoroughly enjoying watching your progress. Keep "Kicking up the dust", good buddy!! I can't wait til I can buy the album. Love, Judy

Cindy LaFave

March 30, 2008

WOW!! I can't wait Robert!! These tracks are wonderful....unmixed and unfinished!1 Put me on the list for the finished product!!

Blessings my friend,



March 29, 2008

Greetings Doc,
I like your website, and I have to say, I am not a country girl, but I am surprised at how much I like the music :) I also enjoyed your myspace.

I am looking forward to purchasing your CD when it is complete :)


March 29, 2008

The songs sound great! I can't wait to get the CD, either. I especially like the tone of "Bullets"; the tone reminds me of a more somber vision of Gordon Lightfoot's Black Day in July. Kick Up Some Dust is a "real" country song, too! What a lost genre.. Too bad "LA radio won't play them", huh? Great lyric.

Hope all is well,



March 27, 2008

The sounds are really coming together, Doc. Just want to say that I like that you're doing this too. It's neat to hear these songs come together, particularly after hearing the wooden versions.
Hey, I stole that term from you...


March 26, 2008

I really like the band version of Kick Up Some Dust. Exactly what I hoped. It kicks (hah!) I want my own mp3!! Also like your voice on Country Waltz. I think you've got a hit single with those 2. And Bullets, wow, so dark! I need to listen to it some more, but you did say this is going to be a concept album. I like that you're doing this, Doc, letting us hear the work in progress. Thanks for that...J

Rafi & Brett & Dustin

March 14, 2008

Good stuff Doc. Good luck on your album. We can't wait to hear it, especially that first song which has a psychedelic feel to it with the electric guitar.

Bob & Patty

March 11, 2008

Pretty good stuff! Glad to know
you've been busy!

Linda Kaan

March 10, 2008

Best Wishes in all of your endeavors!!

March 10, 2008

Well it's about time!! Who's the cute little guy with the Lone Ranger mask? Is that really you? Hey, I hope you'll consider the OCMAs after the CD is released. Your release date should be perfect for them for 2009. Keep up the good work, Doc. And please do a live show soon. Shannon

March 9, 2008

You need to do some live shows. I know you're recording and all that, but come on! Anyway, the site's lookin' good. See ya the guitar work!! Peace Out...Darin J.

March 9, 2008

Glad to see your site is up and running, Doc. Will check back soon. When is Kick Up Some Dust gonna be ready???? We've been waiting for too long! ;) Jamie
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