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Cowboy Good Night (Lyrics Only)

(Doc Waltz, 2009, ASCAP)
June 30, 2009
Music and Lyrics by Doc Waltz
The Epilogue to the story, and a good place to leave it.
This little song is the last song on "What Makes A Man." Currently being recorded.
Sun has set, day is done,
Nighthawks make their cry.
There’s half a moon floatin’ up above,
a buttermilky sky.

My horse gives me that good night look,
My coffee’s gettin’ cold,
I read a verse from the Lord’s Good Book,
There’s comfort in His fold.

I spread my bed roll near the fire,
Saddle’s at my head.
The river is my mistress now,
The prairie is my bed.

May all your trails be gentle ones,
May all your loads be light,
It’s the Lord’s watch till mornin' sun,
On this Cowboy Good Night.

It’s the Lord’s watch till mornin’ sun,
Have a Cowboy Good Night.

Originally written 2005

© Robert L. Waltz, 2008
Waltz Songs, ASCAP