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Don't Cry For The Horses (Lyrics Only)

(Doc Waltz, 2009, ASCAP)
February 24, 2009
Music and Lyrics by Doc Waltz
A live performance of this song is available on The link is:

Doc's horse, Morgan, went to that big pasture in the sky in 2007. This is for him, and for all the horses, and for those who love them. Doc says that he has decided that this song will not be included on "What Makes A Man."
He was born in the Spring of ’83.
He was almost 20, by the time he came to me.
Lame with arthritis, he was older than his years.
But he still had his spirit, and it spoke to me real clear.

I know that I’m an old horse,
You should’a seen me way back when.
I’ve mapped out this country’s course,
Its history is where I’ve been.
I’ve carried this nation’s cavalry,
I’ve plowed its fertile soil.
Red and White both trusted me,
To both I have been loyal.


In every hour of darkness,
At the dawn of every day.
We’ve marked the Pilgrims’ Progress,
We’ve trailed the Native Range.
Wherever you have gone,
A horse has lead the way,
So Don’t Cry For The Horses,
We’re comin’ back some day.


He gave me back my youth,
Made a good man out of me,
He taught me a simple truth,
‘bout trust and loyalty.
He gave me an endless summer,
In the winter of his years.
Till that Saturday in November,
When he blazed his next frontier.


Now he looks out over valleys,
from mountain tops on high.
He runs free on open prairies,
Carrying riders in the sky.
They’re God’s chosen messengers,
That’s what the Scriptures say,
So Don’t Cry For The Horses,
They’re comin’ back some day.
So Don’t Cry For The Horses,
They’re comin’ back some day.
And I won’t cry for that old horse,
He’s comin’ back some day.

© Robert L. Waltz, 2009
Waltz Songs, ASCAP