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"Drifter and the Angel" Next - October 18, 2008

"Drifter and the Angel", Doc's Country song about how his maternal grandparents met, is scheduled for recording next week. "Drifter and the Angel" will be the second lyrical song in
Movement One, following "Willoughby."
We hope to be able to feature it in early November. Keep checking in......

Everyday Girl Now Featured!! - October 12, 2008

Wow! We just received permission to feature the unmixed version of "Everyday Girl" in its entirety. Dane Obuchowski brought an old (1954) (sorry Doc!) accordion to the studio on Saturday, Oct 11. Dane attends Azusa Pacific University, so this song definitely has an APU signature, as Doc and four APU students are featured on it. "Everyday Girl" is now ready for mixing, but this version is pretty good as it is. Enjoy...

L.A. Sky Now Featured!! - October 11, 2008

Doc agreed late tonight to allow us to feature his song, L.A. Sky in its entirety. While percussion and strings have yet to be recorded, and this version is not mixed, this beautiful song is special in its present version. We hope you enjoy it.

Updated Versions of "Willoughby", "Everyday Girl", "Stella" and "L.A. Sky" Now Featured - October 10, 2008

October is proving to be as productive as September. Today we are featuring updated versions of four songs. Please enjoy these samples.

Vocals Recorded for "Willoughby" and "Everyday Girl" - October 6, 2008

Michael Howell, Jonathan Lord, and Jon Sprik of Azusa Pacific University's Mens Chorale added their beautiful blend of harmonies to "Willoughby" and "Everyday Girl" last night. These tracks are not mixed, but we are pleased to feature just a sample as these two songs progress toward release later this year.

New Sample of L.A. Sky - October 3, 2008

An updated version (sample only) of L.A. Sky is now being featured.

Kick Up Some Dust Released! - October 3, 2008

Today we are very pleased to announce that Doc's song "Kick Up Some Dust" has been released and is being featured in its entirety. We appreciate the patience of all who have waited so long for this fun song. Enjoy.....git up and dance, and always Kick Up Some Dust.

L.A. Sky Sample Added - September 27, 2008

Today we are pleased to announce that an acoustic sample of L.A. Sky is being added to the website. Doc is currently recording this song. Ultimately, piano, violin, a lead vocal and vocal harmonies will be added to this beautiful song.

Complete Album Line-up Now Featured - September 25, 2008

The entire line-up for the album, "What Makes A Man" is now available by clicking on Music. Lyrics for all songs, and either full-length versions (many released) or samples, are available for most of the music. This line-up is listed in the expected order of the released album.

Stella being recorded now... - September 25, 2008

Today we feature a sample of Doc's song, "Stella." We know you are going to want more after hearing this sample. Doc's been busy throughout September finishing "Bullets," "Kick Up Some Dust" and
"Homewood Days."
New tracks have been recorded for "L.A.Sky," "Stella,"
"Willoughby," and "Bygones."
"Kick Up Some Dust" is being mixed this week, and will be released in the very near future. He will start recording "Drifter and the Angel", "Rusted Car", and "Cowboy Good Night" in early October. So, enjoy the music, and keep checking in.........

"Homewood Days" Released! - September 24, 2008

Today we are very happy to release "Homewood Days". Written about Doc's grandparents' home, this beautiful song features Doc on guitar, Dan Petty on mandolin, and Kyle Neal on harmonica. Doc sings lead and Kyle Neal and Brenna Thomas sing harmony. We hope you enjoy it.

"Bullets" is Released! - September 19, 2008

We are very pleased to share with all of you the released version of "Bullets." Written the day after John Lennon was murdered, this song was a crowd favorite in Doc's live shows in 1984. J. Black has created a very special vocal arrangement, which features the beautiful voices of Anjolee Williams and Miss Queen LaRae. George Dum's production brings a gentle but powerful passion to events that changed forever the lives of those who remember these ambassadors for peace.

Recording Update - September 18, 2008

"Bullets" will be released very soon, so keep checking in for that. Doc says that he can't wait for all of you to hear the released version of this very special song.
Kyle Neal was in the studio on September 17 laying down harmonica tracks on "Homewood Days", "All Are Welcome",
"Willoughby", and "Stella".

"Bullets" and "Kick Up Some Dust" - September 12, 2008

"Bullets" and "Kick Up Some Dust" are now being mixed. Both songs will be featured in their released versions very soon. Doc is particularly excited for all of you to hear the released version of "Bullets." Please continue to check in.

"Bygones", "What Makes A Man" and "Kick Up Some Dust" - September 5, 2008

Basic tracks for "Bygones", the opening instrumental to Movement 2, and the song "What Makes A Man", were recorded September 4. "Kick Up Some Dust" is now ready for mixing. Sessions have been booked for September, so keep checking in for more updates and more songs.

All Are Welcome (Basic Track) - August 26, 2008

Today we add a glimpse of the what the very first tune will sound like. Each of the three Movements of "What Makes A Man" opens with an instrumental piece. "All Are Welcome" opens Movement 1. Featured today are the first two tracks of that tune. This tune will be followed by "Willoughby."

The Singers - August 24, 2008

Many are asking about the backup singers. Brenna Thomas adds her beautiful voice to This Old Country Waltz. She and Kyle Michael Neal are featured on Homewood Days. Both are former students of Doc's at Azusa Pacific University (yes, where 2008 Summer Olympics Decathlon Gold Medal winner Bryan Clay graduated). Kyle's lead vocals are featured on Remuneration (War Song) and The Mulberry Tree. Doc backs up Kyle on both songs.
The Kate Sarkin Hootenanny Singers are featured on Kick Up Some Dust.
In the discussion stage are hopes that members of the Azusa Pacific Mens Chorale will join Doc in the studio for upcoming recording sessions.

New Songs Featured - August 22, 2008

This Old Country Waltz is now being featured, in its completed version, and in its entirety. For the first time since the site opened, Everyday Girl is being featured. A new version of Homewood Days is being featured with beautiful harmonies by Kyle Michael Neal and Brenna Thomas. Finally, Kick Up Some Dust is being featured in a new version. Once the banjo is out of the shop, Dan Petty will lay down that last track, and this popular song will be ready for mix-down. It has been a great month in the studio, and we hope you enjoy the music.....Please keep stopping by, there's a lot more to come...

Recording Session, August 18 - August 19, 2008

Dan Petty brought his mandolin. And that's the news.......
Seriously, Dan is an extremely talented musician, and on Monday night, August 18, he worked with Doc and George at Liquid Fish on This Old Country Waltz, Everyday Girl, Homewood Days, Willoughby, and All Are Welcome. Stay tuned for more updates, and the completed version of This Old Country Waltz.

Basic Track for Stella - August 11, 2008

A sample of the basic track for Stella is now being featured. Once completed, this song will follow Pax Dei in Movement 3.

Updated Version of This Old Country Waltz - August 7, 2008

As promised, an updated version of This Old Country Waltz is now featured. Drums and fiddle have been added. Doc is still waiting for the mandolin player to become available. Once recorded, this song will be ready for mixing, and featured in its entirety here at

3 Songs Ready for Release - July 29, 2008

3 songs have been mixed down for the release of the album. Remuneration (War Song), The Mulberry Tree, and the instrumental Pax Dei have all been completed, and are featured here at Doc continues to work with a great group of musicians on finalizing Kick Up Some Dust, This Old Country Waltz, Everyday Girl, and Homewood Days. These songs should be in mix-down before the end of summer.
Remuneration (War Song), written in 1983, never performed before a live audience, and not originally planned for this project, is being featured here in its entirety. The fourth song in Movement 1 of What Makes a Man, Remuneration (War Song) is a dark chapter in not only the life of its author, but of the country in the 1960's and early 1970's.

Mixing Is Now In Process!! - July 2, 2008

Mixing has begun (or is scheduled to begin soon)on several songs, including Bullets, Remuneration (The War Song), The Mulberry Tree, and This Old Country Waltz. Additionally, a basic guitar and percussion track has been recorded for Stella. Check out the finished version of Pax Dei, which is new as of this date!

Trevor Lloyd Sessions - April 28, 2008

Trevor Lloyd added his unique sound to many of Doc's songs with his electric violin in a recording session on Saturday, April 26. This session focused on Kick Up Some Dust, This Old Country Waltz, Remuneration, Pax Dei, and The Mulberry Tree. Trevor's talents can be enjoyed at his Myspace page:
Updates to the sample songs on are scheduled for mid-May.

New Samples Added - April 5, 2008

A sample of the latest "working versions" of This Old Country Waltz and Homewood Days is now featured. Please continue to check in for more updates.
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