Howdy to all: Still here, and still planning on finishing the album....one of these days. Life is good, and I'm enjoying myself. No performance dates in the works, but one never knows. In the meantime, I'm playing occasionally, mostly for friends or just myself. Take care, and hope to see you soon........ ...Doc

New Year, New Hopes 

Howdy to all: This is Doc. I'm slowly becoming comfortable with playing guitar for longer periods of time, and now that we have a cabin in Lake Arrowhead, and I have a place to write and practice, I have high hopes of getting back into my music this year. I'll keep you posted on my progress, and hopefully, some upcoming performance dates and locations later this Spring.

Update on Doc 

Doc is continuing to practice, practice, practice. His injured shoulder causes him considerable pain after 15 or 20 minutes of playing, but it is getting stronger. Currently, there are no performances planned, or studio time scheduled. However, don't be surprised to see him pop up at the Coffee Gallery Backstage in Alta Dena, as part of SongNet, sometime soon to unveil some new songs.

Doc Continues to Write 

The question keeps getting asked, "How's Doc?" Well, he's doing fine, thank you. He is as recovered from the accident as he's going to get, which about 90% of full range of motion in his shoulder, and sporadic back pain. Still, as he has said many times, "It beats the alternative." He continues to write songs, and keeps working on the album. It's a slow process, as the project has now taken on a larger scope...with as many as 26 songs being considered. We are adding the lyrics to one of his…

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Merry Christmas to Everyone 

Howdy to all: I am hoping to get back into the studio sometime in 2010 and finish the album. I'm starting to play my guitars again, and I'm even writing some new songs. Thanks for your prayers and notes. Peace to all of you and your families.....Doc

Album Cover Wins A Blue Ribbon 

The album cover for Doc's upcoming CD, "What Makes A Man", has been awarded a blue ribbon at the 2009 Orange County Fair. Congratulations to Ken Schoening for this wonderful award!

Doc is Recovering Nicely 

Doc was seriously injured in an electical accident on April 19, 2009, and has been recovering over the past several weeks. He is well enough now to start playing his guitars again, and hopes to be back in the studio soon. He thanks everyone for your kind words of encouragement and prayers. Stay tuned for more updates.....


Congratulations to the Album Cover Contest winners. Dan L., Wayne Jameson, George Williams, Bill Thomas, and Linda Hyatt correctly guessed that the concept of Doc's album cover is inspired by the final scene in the John Wayne movie, The Searchers, directed by John Ford. All five will receive a signed copy of "What Makes A Man" from Doc later this year As the Sons of the Pioneers begin the theme song to The Searchers (which inpsired the title of Doc's album), Duke stands on the porch, his long journey…

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New Songs Featured 

New versions of "L.A. Sky", "Stella", "What Makes A Man", and "Rusted Car", with harmonies by Doc and Tom Bishel have been added.

The Album Cover Revealed!!! 

The cover of the album has now been placed on both the Splash Page of the site and in the Photos section. This image has a very special meaning to Doc, so the first five fans who can explain its meaning (send your explanation through email to Doc) will receive a signed copy of the album when it is released later this year. Please know that there is a very precise explanation behind the meaning, so you'll either know it or you won't. The concept for the cover was designed by Doc, and the image was…

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