This is the very beginning of what will be a full band song. This version features 4 guitar tracks and Doc's unmixed lead vocal.
A live performance of this song is available by entering its title while logged on to
The lyrics were written in 1988, and the music in 2008. The words to this song say all that needs to be said.
Currently being recorded.


She ‘wakes on the dark side of sunrise,
And pretends that she knows what she’ll say.
Her eyes that once smiled brightly,
Are filled with clouds today.

She tucks her dreams ‘neath her pillow,
Where they’ll sleep till she returns.
They’ll dream their own dreams of tomorrow,
And the places that they will take her.

Then she thinks 'bout a boy in bluejeans,
She knew a long time ago.
She’s gonna cause his own dreams,
To be shattered in an hour or so.

Then she thinks of bein’ stronger,
Sometimes the truth is hard to see.
Hold on a little longer,
But forever…ain’t what it used to be.


She turns slowly to the mirror,
And sees half her life’s passed by.
She gazes out the window,
Then turns to him with a heavy sigh.

Why has her love died,
Why did it have to go this way.
And why did she decide,
That she’s leavin’ him today.

Then she’ll weigh the pain that this will cost,
But nothin’ in life is free.
Oh the innocence that’s been lost,
Cuz forever ain’t what it used to be.
Forever ain’t what it used to be.
No, forever ain’t what it used to be.

©Robert L. Waltz, 1988/2008