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  1. Kick Up Some Dust

From the recording Kick Up Some Dust

This song is for Doc's sons. Doc is from a cowboy family, and has served his country in combat. There is a certain perception on life that comes from that. There are causes, small and big, worth standing up for. And, a man's name goes with him wherever he goes....so make it count.


The cowboy life has a code that’s ….easier said than done,
Don’t need to be a cowboy …………to be as tough as one.
Now generally speakin’, I’m not one for givin’ out advice,
It’s tough enough just doin’ once….what I have been told twice.

If life hands you lemons and you can’t stand lemonade
Lost in the desert and you’re searchin’ for shade,
Turn on your radio ….can’t find KZLA……

Kick Up Some Dust.

It ain’t simple……but it ain’t that complicated,
Code of the West has ……long since been dictated.
Cowboy Up, it’s a code that…you know you can trust,
Get on your high horse…dig in and…..kick up some dust.

If you’re headin’ south on a northbound train,
Being chased by outlaws……but you’re not one to complain,
The less you lose…then more that you gain……

(When you) Kick Up Some Dust.


Now life ain’t easy…..pretty boring if it was,
Last thing a man wants to do is….the last thing that he does.
You can drag the trail till the trail leaves you …corned and callused,
To leave your mark on this world ya gotta

…..Kick Up Some Dust.

If all your right turns are turnin’ out wrong,
Your get-up-and-go has got up and gone,
And L.A. radio to play a Country song…….

Kick Up Some Dust.
Kick Up Some Dust.
Kick Up Some Dust.

Originally written 2006

© Robert L. Waltz, 2008
Waltz Songs, ASCAP