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  1. Stella (Unmixed)

From the recording Stella (Unmixed)

On the surface, this song is about Doc's very first guitar, a Stella parlor guitar, mass produced by Harmony to answer the demand for 6 string acoustics after Elvis's appearance on television. On a deeper level though, this song is a window through which one can visit (or revisit) the Singer/Songwriter days of the late 60's and early 70's in California.
This unmixed but driving version features Doc’s lead vocal and guitar, Myriam Filz on electric bass, George Dum on percussion, Kyle Michael Neal on harmonica, and harmonies by Doc and Tom Bishel. Other instruments are scheduled to be recorded soon.


(1) An old Indian blanket, sunburst wood and golden steel.
Roll down the tracks like a train on re-born wheels.
Playin’ with the Beatniks, black ceiling in a purple room.
Coffee stains and cigarettes, and poetry of gloom,
On the road with Kerouac, searchin’ for a point of view.

(2) From Elvis to the Beatles, beach blanket in between.
Playin’ Dylan on worn down needles, Coolest cat we’d ever seen.
From bronze booties to Bronze Stars, Just tryin’ to keep it real.
A V-Dub bus and a new guitar, and a pocket full of Neil,
Playin’ for my soul, while I’m prayin’ for a record deal.

Stella sings just what she feels… from voices in her heart,
Sunburst wood and golden steel…
I was hers right from the start,
Hers right from the start.


(3) She broke through the shadows, shot an arrow at the night,
I called out from my window, but I could not find the light.
From 16 to 60, on a journey through the past.
She never asked for pity, or to burn out so fast,
She was the first, how I hoped she’d be my last.

Stella sings then leaves too soon… on a train headed up the coast,
Chasin’ lyrics to fit a tune…
She’d borrowed from a passing ghost,
Borrowed from a passing ghost.


CHORUS: Stella sings just what she feels… from voices in my heart,
Sunburst wood and golden steel….
I was hers right from the start.
Hers right from the start.

Written 1978/2008

© Robert L. Waltz, 2009
Waltz Songs, ASCAP