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  1. Willoughby

From the recording Willoughby

Most folks would like to live in a place like Willoughby, and this is where our story begins. Willoughby represents the innocence of childhood, and the dreams we all have as kids. Some come true, others ....well..that's What Makes A Man.....
This version is featured on the EP "Country Sampler." The "album" version, currently being recorded, will be featured on "What Makes A Man."


Sunday morning church bell rings,
The Main Street choir sings,
The day begins in Willoughby.
A one o-clock doubleheader,
It can’t get any better
I love my life in Willoughby.

This summer I’ll turn thirteen,
I’d like a Scout canteen,
From all my pals in Willoughby.
Have a party in the shade,
Hotdogs and lemonade,
In my hometown of Willoughby.

A boy’s hometown is where his legacy begins,
That’s what my daddy says to me,
Take pride in all you do,
Your hometown is part of you,
That’s how we’re raised in Willoughby.


I like doin’ chores,
In Mr. Kirby’s Dry Goods Store,
At Elm and Main in Willoughby.
A girl named Rose stopped by,
I think I caught her eye,
Ain’t life swell in Willoughby.

A young man’s fantasies are kept unto himself,
But some aren’t all that hard to see,
A real good job, a pretty wife,
A really peaceful life,
In a town like Willoughby.

If I can’t stay a kid,
I’ll do what Daddy did,
Marry a girl from Willoughby,
We’ll live a grand old life,
Best pal will be my wife,
We’ll raise our kids in Willoughby.
In my hometown of Willoughby.
I love my life in Willoughby.

Originally written in 2006

© Robert L. Waltz, 2008
Waltz Songs, ASCAP